A New Season of Inside P2

Welcome to the new season of the Inside P2 podcast, the podcast for Public Engagement Professionals.

This season, we’re going to focus on the changes in public engagement since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

We’ll be asking what has changed in public participation since COVID and before. How have the public’s expectations shifted? How is AI affecting the practice of P2? What about hybrid P2? What other tools, strategies and practices are proving useful?

To get the answers to these and other relevant questions, we’ll be interviewing leading practitioners and thought leaders in public participation for insight into the changes that they see in the world of P2 and how they are adapting. So come along on our journey as we go inside public participation.

There’s no doubt that when people became accustomed to being online, they came to expect that we would offer them the opportunity for participation without showing up at the appointed place at the appointed time. They came to expect that they could participate when they want in the way that they want. They came to expect that they would have contextual content that was relevant and available to them to inform their views.

They also expect that they’ll be able to meet in person, that they’ll be able to return to the way that they used to do things without sacrificing the ability to do it online and remotely.

We’re going to look at the new best practices, what changed, what has stuck and what has faded away. What tools are we using that we didn’t use before? What strategies are we using? And we’ll be staying right up to date with things like artificial intelligence. How is it affecting the practice of P2?

It’s your turn

Inside P2 is produced by Joseph Thornley. I’d love to know what you think about the topics in this podcast, topics you’d like me to cover in future podcasts and people you’d like to hear from.


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