Inside P2: Hillary Hartley, Ontario’s Chief Digital Officer

In 2017, the Province of Ontario appointed its first Chief Digital Officer, Hillary Hartley. Hartley is something of a trailblazer. She came to Ontario from Washington, where she was the Deputy Executive Director and Co-founder of 18F, the US Federal Government’s digital services corps. Prior to founding 18F, Hartley first arrived in Washington in 2013 as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. Before that, she spent several years in integrated marketing and social media management.

Hartley’s arrival in Ontario has coincided with a burst of digital initiatives. The province declared a set of digital service priorities, established a digital lab in Communitech in Waterloo, established a set of digital service strategies and, most recently, published these on github.

Hillary Hartley made some time to talk with me about the position of Chief Digital Officer and the perspective and approach she is bringing to it. We had a wide-ranging conversation, one that made me even more optimistic about the direction Ontario has set in this area.

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