IP2 005 IAP2 launches a National Dialogue on polarization in public discourse

IAP2 USA President Leah Jaramillo talks about the IAP2’s National Dialogue initiative, its focus and objectives, its origins, where it will happen and its culmination at the IAP2 North American Conference in September.

We seem to live in times in which the volume has been turned up and the listening has stopped. In the wake of the US election, opposing camps have built polarized world views based on conflicting arrays of alternative facts.

The members of the US chapter of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) experience the disfunction of public discourse on a daily basis in their work promoting and facilitation public engagement with government.

Now, IAP2 USA is organizing a National Dialogue among its members and interested community groups to discuss the current environment for public participation. The dialogue will take the form of meetings across the summer culminating in a discussion at the IAP2’s North American Conference in Denver in September.

In this episode of Inside P2, IAP2 US President Leah Jaramilo talks to Joseph Thornley about this initiative.

One more thing

I neglected to ask Leah in the interview who had contributed to the development of the concept. She send me a note after our interview to let me now that, “The IAP2 USA Board members who were involved in developing this as a program for national distribution are Kit Cole, Cathy Smith and Wendy Green Lowe. Thanks are also due to IAP2 USA Executive Manager, Amelia Shaw & Staff for all their assistance and to Lewis Michaelson who co-facilitated the pilot event in San Diego with Wendy Green Lowe.”

Thanks all round to these folks for making this initiative happen.


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