Inside P2 episode 1: Why IP2, the IAP2 North American Conference and “All Things P”

Why the Inside P2 podcast

Welcome to Inside P2, the podcast for public participation practitioners hosted by me, Joseph Thornley.

Each week I hope to talk to you about best practices, case studies, and research in effective public participation. Sometimes I’ll be on my own. Sometimes, I’ll have guest hosts. And sometimes, I’ll post interviews.

The format of the show will include both a discussion of a principal topic or interview along with one or more brief #IP2Noted items, quick hits on things P2 that I’ve noticed around the web.

I’m also hoping to be joined from time to time by guest hosts who have a unique perspective on on P2. So, if you have some insight or experience that you’d like to share and are willing to illustrate it with case studies or original research, I’d love to feature you either as a guest host or as an interviewee. If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected] or tweet to @insidep2podcast.


Finally, this week’s #IP2Noted segment covers:

IAP2 Conference, public participation in Montreal The IAP2 North American Conference is being held September 28-30 in Montreal. I attended this conference in Portland last year – and found it to be the best conference of the year. It’s smallish – 250 people – with two full days of speakers with practical experience. I learned a lot last year and I’m looking forward to attending again this year. The early registration fee is in effect now. Check out the conference Website. If you are a public participation practitioner looking for an opportunity to meet other practitioners and learn from them, this conference may be what you are looking for.

The MandarinAll Things P and public participation has launched All Things P, an online hub dedicated to news and insight about public engagement in Australia. The Australians have been at the P2 game for some time. In announcing the launch of All Things P, Mandarin Publisher Tom Burton writes:

All Things P recognises the need agencies have to rapidly develop their engagement and campaign management skills.

We are bringing together some of Australia’s best practitioners in the fields of communications, user and interface design, engagement, clear communications, marketing, campaign design, analytics, brand management, stakeholder management and modern public affairs management.

Their insights, from the practical to the strategic, will help build a strong community of practice around public sector engagement.

Australia has been a P2 hotspot. So, this site should be useful to anyone interested in P2.

It’s your turn

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