Inside P2 003: The best of times and the worst of times for open government

On this week’s Inside P2, we talk about the shutdown of, the opening of the Canada School of Public Service armchair sessions to the general public, the IAP2 North American Conference agenda, and P2 learning opportunities you can participate in.

Farewell Open.Gov

The news coverage focused on the Trump administration’s decision to not publish Whitehouse visitor logs. But what fewer noticed was the announcement that Open.Gov would be shut down. And fewer noticed that has turned into A URL can speak volumes about mindset.

Canada School of Public Service opens Armchair session to the general public

For those who wonder how public servants are being trained to embrace the culture of open government, we had a chance to peek behind the curtains at the Canada School of Public Service Webcast its armchair session “Open Government Starts with you.” Check out the Twitter Moment to get a sense of the discussion.

See you in Denver?

The IAP2 North American Conference agenda has been announced. We’ll profile different sessions and interview presenters in future episodes of Inside P2.

Learn P2 online

IAP2 USA has announced two new online courses – Choose the Right Tools and Participatory Budgeting.

When in Ottawa

Learn how to engage with indigenous peoples at the next IAP2 Third Tuesday #3tYOW session with Bob Joseph.

It’s your turn

Inside P2 is produced by Joseph Thornley. I’d love to know what you think about the topics in this podcast, topics you’d like me to cover in future podcasts and people you’d like to hear from.

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