Kylie Cochrane, Chair of the International Association for Public Participation (Inside P2 013)

On the show today, an interview with the Global Chair of the International Association for Public Participation, Kylie Cochrane.

IAP2 is a federation of regional IAP2 organizations such as IAP2 USA and IAP2 Canada. Kylie Cochrane is the Chair of the overarching federation. And while we were both at the IAP2 North America Conference in Victoria, she sat down with me to talk about IAP2, its changing structure, major issues in the P2 practice and a look into the future.

Our discussion covered:

  • The change process IAP2 is undertaking;
  • The areas of greatest activity;
  • The enhancement of credibility and respect that has been accorded to the practice of public engagement that has resulted from the establishment of the Open Government Partnership; and
  • The need for P2 practitioners to evolve our practices and tools to keep up with the interconnected activist groups’ sophisticated use of social media and technology.


Check out these sources that provide context for this week’s discussion.

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